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Erik Haagensen | Backstage

Named Backstage's Most Memorable New York Stage Performances

"Silverman elicits fine performances all around, but it's two of the ladies who walk off with the play... The riotously funny Angela Lin steals every moment she's on stage in two contrasting roles..."

Ben Brantley | New York Times

"The audience seemed happiest when it was privy to the misinterpretations of the hapless interpreter (played by Angela Lin)... Some of these are pretty delicious and deflate the pomposity of business spiels."

Andi Stover | Literary Review

"...superb supporting performance by Angela Lin. Lin plays a young translator and a government official, transforming so completely she is barely recognizable in her later roles."

Marilyn Stasio | Variety

"Much hilarity is made of the unfortunate literary efforts of Chinese translators like the hapless specimen played so amusingly here by Angela Lin."

Wickham Boyle | Edge

"The translator, played so wonderfully by Angela Lin, is a natural comic ... contorting herself and providing endless lost-in-translation interpretations. "

John Olson | Talkin' Broadway

"Angela Lin handle a variety of supporting roles that contribute to the evening's humor quite nicely."

Dan Bacalzo | TheaterMania

"...a scene-stealing turn from Angela Lin as a rather inept translator..."

Joseph Cervelli | NorthJersey

"...things get completely hilarious with an inept translator (a delightfully daffy Angela Lin)."

Mark Peikert | NY Press

"Silverman's cast finds variations on Hwang's gag - particularly Angela Lin as an inept translator..."



Charles McNulty | Los Angeles Times

Critics Choice & LA TImes Top 10 Plays of 2014

"A superb Angela Lin marvelously individualizes Callie's vagueness. She captures the comfortable yet exceedingly narrow band within which her character resides. But she also registers the tremors of longing that Callie has repressed but cannot shake...I can't remember when a love story has moved me more."

Evan Henerson | TheaterMania

"...some gritty work by actress Angela Lin goes a long way toward making Sueko's production often heartbreaking.... Lin skillfully handles the contrast between the newly-in-love Callie and the Callie who — post-attack — has to grow up. The character doesn't always make the most admirable decisions, but her choices are quite human, and we are with her at every turn."

Steven Stanley | StageScene

"...beginning with the quirky charms of the absolutely irresistible Lin, who aces both the romcom breeziness of Callie’s pre-crisis scenes and the stark drama of life post-attack in a role that has her scarcely if ever leaving the stage and commanding it throughout the play’s intermissionless ninety minutes."

Jenny Lower | LA Weekly

"Sueko has created an affecting production, largely due to Angela Lin’s standout performance... Lin plumbs even throwaway lines for meaning, revealing new shades of subtext and humor that make the character’s evolution believable and compelling. She is also gifted at making the abrupt shifts between hilarity and tragedy necessitated by the play’s structure feel seamless and authentic.... it’s Lin who makes the character, and the production, her own."

Patrick Hurley | TheatreBlog!

"As Callie, Angela Lin does a fantastic job of shifting from scene to scene, and emotion to emotion. We see her internal struggle, we feel her panic, we understand her desire. She evokes us at every turn. Her monologue about the attack itself is harrowing. But her best moments are when she’s looking at Sara, no words needed. She is able, with only a look, to convey the passionate, exciting and inquisitive internal world of a person falling in love, and it is sublime."

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